Response time has been outstanding!

Columbia Communications has been our sole vendor for the installation and support of IT infrastructure for the past three years. I cannot stress enough how important their role has been to our successful growth during that time. I would like to share with you some the details of how Columbia Communications has helped us.

Three years ago we were introduced to Lee Chambers at Columbia Communications. At the time we were operating two medical offices and one pharmacy with essentially no infrastructure whatsoever. All of our computers were independently configured and we had no centralized storage of information, email or backup. Columbia Communications initially set us up with a small business server and created a domain, a mail server, firewalls and backups.

Much has changed over the past three years and as we have grown Columbia Communications has been a valuable asset in helping us purchase, configure and maintain all of the equipment necessary to address the growing sophistication of our business. We now have multiple ISP’s in each location that are routed through multiple firewalls and we have graduated from a single small business server to now having six separately maintained servers running everything from Microsoft Exchange and active directory to accounting, SQL data warehouses and live data exchanges with third-party vendors.

One of the most impressive and valuable aspects of the Columbia Communications team is that we have yet to present them with the problem that they could not solve. Additionally, on the few occasions that we have had problems with equipment or connections, the response time has been outstanding. I can recall 2 specific examples that are worth mentioning. On the first occasion, our practice opened at 8 am and our Internet service went down around 9 am. We notified Columbia Communications and they were on site troubleshooting the problem with the ISP and had the problem fixed by 10:30 am. On the second occasion, we had a similar presentation where we lost Internet access at one of our office locations on a weekend. A Columbia Communications representative was on-site within a short time period and was able to identify a malfunctioning piece of hardware. A replacement piece was delivered by Cisco under our warranty plan at around 9:30 pm that evening and Columbia Communications had us up and running before our business opened again on Monday morning.

We have been able to do things within our company over the last three years that would not have been possible without the assistance of Columbia Communications. I can recommend them without reservation and would be happy to speak with anyone who is considering using them in the future.

R. Stewart B, MD
Care Health